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We are dedicated to providing high quality and personalised skin cancer services including diagnosis, investigation, and the complete management of skin cancer

We specialise in the early detection and treatment of skin cancers and melonomas and are essentially a “one stop shop” for patients with skin cancer concerns. We carry out routine skin checks, biopsies and procedures including complex excisions of facial cancers requiring flap repair or skin grafting.

Dedicated skin cancer doctors have a breadth of experience in the detection and treatment of skin cancer and utilize all available technology to provide patients with the highest level of care possible. Combining strong technical skills with deep knowledge across all aspects of skin cancer, On Point Skin Cancer Clinic is committed to providing our patients with bespoke and informed advice and treatment regarding all of their skin cancer needs.

Dr Clinton Nash

MBBS, BSc, MSc (Surgical Sciences), FRACGP

Dr Clinton Nash is a GP with a special interest in skin cancer medicine, including dermatologic surgery and post-operative scar optimisation.

Dr Nash is a graduate of the University of Queensland School of Medicine and has completed a Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Nash has had a wide range of both clinical and hospital experience including both general and plastic surgery. He holds a Masters in Surgical Science through the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, graduating with distinction with his thesis on novel scar therapeutics.

Dr Nash and his wife are avid birders and can often be found roaming the wetlands in Brisbane in the early hours of the morning. His second calling is wildlife photography, so if he is not taking photos of moles he will be out in the bush taking photos of our local wildlife. They are also kept busy at home with the arrival of their son.


Dr Tina Fang

MBBS, FRACGP, Professional Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine, Member of Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine

​Dr Tina works extensively in all aspects of skin cancer and aesthetic medicine. She has a passion for working in the field of Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine and is dedicated to providing the best results for her patients.

Dr Tina offers full body skin checks for all ages. An initial appointment will involve a thorough and detailed assessment to determine the best management plan.

Dr Tina was born in Taiwan and grew up in New Zealand. She moved to Australia with her family and has obtained the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She has many years experience in the field of skin cancer medicine.

Dr Richard McMahon


Dr McMahon is an experienced skin cancer doctor and GP with special interest in all aspects of skin cancer medicine. dermatology, and surgery. Dr McMahon is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of GPs. University College London trained, Dr McMahon has an Honours degree in Neuroscience, and holds a Post Graduate Award in Medical Education. He has also taught medical students in the UK

Dr Ryan Harvey

MBBS MHEcon FRACGP Master of Medicine Skin Cancer

Dr Harvey is an experienced doctor with over 10 years’ dedication to the management of skin cancer. Dr Harvey’s goal is to provide professional, timely and affordable skin cancer treatment and excellence in the management of skin cancer.

Dr Harvey grew up on a cattle property in South West Queensland, before completing his secondary school years at boarding school in Brisbane.  Following high school, he completed his Medical Degree at James Cook University and subsequently completed his internship at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. He completed further training in various other Brisbane and Queensland Hospitals and spent several years working in the United Kingdom.

Dr Harvey holds a Masters in Health Economics (University of Queensland) and a Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. In addition to his skin cancer work he is the Medical Director of House Call Doctor.

While studying Dr Harvey was the Captain of the University Rugby team, and tutored medical students in anatomy and physiology. In 2013 he obtained a Guinness World Record for playing the trumpet in the world’s largest orchestra. Shortly thereafter that same year, he was married and moved to London where he stayed for 2 years. During his time living and working overseas,  Dr Harvey developed a taste for travel and he and his wife have now visited over 50 countries.

Mrs Allison Kelly

Clinical Nurse and Melanographer

Allison Kelly is an experienced Clinical Nurse with over 10 years’ experience and additional training in skin cancer diagnosis and Melanography and Total Body Photography. She has worked in many and varied nursing positions including Paediatrics’, Cardiovascular, Plastics, General Practice. Ally has also worked for Department of Health and the National Disability Insurance Scheme as a Nursing Consultant. As well as working for On Point, Ally also works on a Surgical ward within a large hospital. Ally enjoys patient education, wound management and providing the highest standard of Nursing care to all her patients.

Ally grew up on a property in Northern Tasmania, before moving to Queensland and completing her Degree in Nursing  and Postgrad in Acute Care at Queensland University of Technology. Completed Certificate in Melanography at Dermatology College of Australia.


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Our Services

Skin Checks

Price  $95.00 minus

(Rebate  $39.75)

Out of Pocket cost $55* 

Skin Checks Concession Holders

100% Bulk Billed 

Skin Check Under 18

 100% Bulk Billed

Total Body Photography

Benefits are early skin cancer detection and side by side mole comparison


Total Body Photography

Cost $90 out of pocket 

Total Body Photography

 Compliments your usual skin cancer check with our expert doctors

Photodynamic Therapy

 Daylight Photodynamic Therapy suitable for sun damage, precancerous lesions and superficial skin cancers


Photodynamic Therapy

Cost $130 out of pocket 

Photodynamic Therapy

 An effective way to treat sun damaged fields such as the face and scalp and can potentially avoid future surgery

Reviews, Removal of Sutures

100% Bulk Billed


100% Bulk Billed 

Biopsy Procedures

Consumable fee out of pocket $70

Concession Holders- Bulk Billed

Simple Excision

Proximal Limbs and Torso

Consumable fee out of pocket $150

Concession Holders- Bulk Billed

Complex Excision

Distal Limbs below elbow and knees

Consumable fee out of pocket $200

Concession Holders- Bulk Billed

Reconstructive Excision Face, Flaps and Skin Grafts

Consumable fee out of pocket $250

Includes all melanoma cases

Concession Holders – Bulk Billed


Onsite skin checks for your employees

On Point Skin Cancer Clinic is now offering onsite skin checks by a trained doctor, supporting our clients who are extending their occupational health and safety efforts to skin cancer surveillance.

Under state and federal legislation, employers and those with management or control of workplaces have a duty to protect health and safety by conducting their undertaking in a way, and providing and maintaining a working environment, that is safe and without risks to health. This includes risks that are associated with harmful levels of exposure to UV radiation that can lead to skin cancer.

Our service comprises a comprehensive full-body skin check using a dermatoscope, accompanied by education on skin health and UV photo of their face to show any sun damage otherwise invisible to the naked eye.


Occupations particularly at risk

Occupations and industries especially at risk due to the outdoor nature of the work include, but are not limited to:

  • agricultural, farming and horticultural workers
  • painters
  • plumbers
  • heavy vehicle drivers
  • handypersons
  • electrical and communications workers
  • automobile drivers
  • construction workers
  • engineers
  • civil contractors
  • warehousing workers
  • mining and earth resource workers
  • carpenters
  • vehicle trades workers
  • emergency workers
  • passenger transport workers
  • machine operators
  • scientists
  • PE teachers and fitness instructors
  • those who work around water—lifeguards, fishermen, marine workers
  • outdoor council workers

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