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We offer professional, affordable and easily accessible Skin Cancer Checks in Brisbane, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Our skin cancer clinics are doctor-owned and can be relied upon to perform meticulous skin cancer checks for early detection of melanomas and other skin cancers.

Dedicated skin cancer doctors, committed to your health

Our skin cancer doctors are highly experienced in the detection and treatment of skin cancer. We provide the highest level of care to our patients, using the latest technology and equipment.

We are passionate about your health and safety and take pride in performing checks with great care and attention to detail.

We’re proud to be the skin cancer clinic providing Skin cancer checks Brisbane, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast residents trust.

Fully qualified, experienced skin cancer doctors

With strong technical skills and deep knowledge across aspects of skin cancer, we can be relied upon to provide a thorough skin check every time. We are also passionate about arming you with all of the information you need to make the best decisions about your health, and will always provide you with informed advice and information tailored to you.

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Did you know: skin cancer is most common in Australia?

1 in 3 Australians will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer in Australia, and affects people of all races and colours. You don’t have to have freckles or moles to have skin cancer. However, with regular skin checks and early detection, the cure rate is high. It’s essential to use sun protection and sun safety and avoid exposure to UV whenever possible. Regular yearly skin checks (or 6 monthly if you are at a higher risk of skin cancer) are essential in Australia, as are regular self exams and speaking to an expert if you have any concerns at all.

The types of skin cancer

There are many types of skin cancer, but some of the most common are Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) and Melanoma. BCC and SCC skin cancers are more common than Melanoma, however Melanoma is the most deadly.

Early detection is key for each of these types of skin cancer; Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma have a 95% cure rate when detected early and with proper treatment. Melanoma has a high cure rate when detected before it spreads.

Our skin cancer doctors can detect skin cancers you can't see

Skin cancers and warning signs cannot always be seen by the naked eye. This is more the case if you don’t know what to look for. Our expert skin cancer doctors and trained skin cancer nurses have undergone extensive training in the diagnosis and management of all skin cancers, from the most common and detectable, to the rarer and harder to detect skin cancers. We use the latest technology, specialised equipment and the highest level of detail for all of our skin checks.

Are you at higher risk of skin cancers?

You are considered at a higher risk of skin cancer if you meet any of the below criteria:

When you come in for a skin cancer check with us, we can advise you as to your level of risk of skin cancer development.

What to expect during our skin cancer checks

Our skin cancer checks use the latest in equipment and technology, and involve a comprehensive full body skin check; we use a dermatoscope here at On Point Skin Cancer

During your skin cancer checks, our team will also educate you on sun safety, skin cancers and what to look out for, along with how frequently you should be having your skin checked, and if you have any higher risk than others of skin cancer.

If you choose to add on total body photography, we will also take photos of your moles and freckles across your entire body, and can compare these photos every time you come to see us. This is the best way to ensure that any changes in the size, shape, colour and thickness of moles, freckles and spots, and new spots, are detected.

Our skin check pricing

Our expert, professional and qualified skin cancer doctors provide thorough full body skin checks, using the latest technology and equipment.

Skin checks

Our Skin checks cost $119.75 (minus a Rebate of $39.75 for those eligible for a rebate).

The out of pocket cost is $80*

For concession card holders, and children under 18 years of age, we offer 100% Bulk Billed skin cancer checks.

Total body photography

When you come in for a skin cancer check with our expert skin cancer doctors, you may choose to add total body photography. This gives a side by side mole comparison over time and gives you additional benefits for earlier detection.

The cost is $95 out of pocket.

Same-day skin checks available

With On Point Skin Cancer Clinic, you won’t have to wait on long waitlists for your skin cancer checks, or for any required treatments as the result of anything found during your skin checks.

We have a dedicated team of skin cancer doctors in each of our locations and have more availability than most due to our team’s size and dedication to being available for patients. On many occasions, we can offer same day appointments. Give us a call and speak to our friendly team today to learn more.

Skin checks for workplaces: onsite skin checks

Whether you are a corporate or trade business, our onsite skin cancer checks service for your employees can save you time whilst taking care of the health and wellbeing of your employees.

We offer onsite skin checks by a doctor trained in skin cancer checks, at your workplace or site location. Our comprehensive skin checks for employees includes a full body, comprehensive skin check using a dermatoscope, a UV photo of their face to show invisible sun damage, and education on skin health and safety.

Why get workplace skin checks for your employees?

Employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of their employees under state and federal legislation, by undertaking operations in a way that is safe and without risks to health, and providing a safe working environment. This includes the risks associated with exposure to UV radiation, which can lead to skin cancer when harmful levels of exposure take place. Aside from the legal and duty of care reasons, taking care of your employees health and safety and showing concern for their wellbeing fosters a greater sense of positive workplace culture and loyalty to the business.

If your employees are out in the sun as a part of performing their job, you may be required to take measures to ensure their on-the-job safety.

Skin Checks FAQ

Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions on Skin Cancer Checks. Still have questions? Chat to our friendly team when you come in for your skin cancer check.

Adults in Australia are recommended to have skin checks for skin cancers every 12 months. If you are at a high risk of skin cancer, it’s recommended you have a full skin examination every six months to check for skin cancers.

Every adult is recommended to have skin checks for skin cancers in Australia. Skin cancers don’t always look like suspicious lesions, freckles or moles. Some skin cancers can be invisible to the naked eye, and require special equipment and techniques to detect.

Sometimes, even if skin cancers are visible, you won’t notice new spots on your own skin, particularly if they’re not in a spot you see in the mirror regularly. Other times, you may notice a spot is present, but not realise it’s a suspicious spot that needs to be checked. For this reason, and others, even if you don’t have many existing freckles or moles, it’s important to still get a skin check every 12 months in Australia.

Our On Point Skin Cancer Clinic practices are located in Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, Tweed Heads, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. We’re proud to be the skin cancer clinic performing skin cancer checks Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Sunshine Coast residents trust. Book in to see us at one of our skin cancer clinics to have your skin checked by a professional skin doctor.

Early detection of skin cancers are vital, as they improve your chances of successful treatment if skin cancers are found. Regular skin cancer checks are important for all adults, and anyone of any age who suspects skin cancer, for early detection. Early detection plays a large part in reducing mortality for melanoma and other types of skin cancers.

It’s important to pay attention to your skin and become familiar with it. This is important, even if you are not regularly in the sun. If you notice any changes in your skin, freckles or moles, or if a new freckle, mole or spot develops, it’s important to get your skin checked and tell the skin doctor about the area of concern, so they can examine it closely.

Pay extra attention to:

  • Any new spots
  • Any sores that don’t heal, especially ‘crusty sores’
  • Any small lumps that are pearly, pale, or red
  • Any changes to moles and freckles over weeks or months, including changes to size, colour, shape, width or thickness.

The Cancer Council Australia is a great resource for information on all cancers, including skin cancer. At On Point Skin Cancer Clinic, we are also very passionate about providing education to our patients, and will always be happy to answer any questions you have. During your appointment, your skin cancer doctor will also help with education on skin cancer risk, prevention, and discuss what to look out for, how to spot a potential melanoma, and more, during your skin check appointments with us.

We are a one-stop shop for skin examination for cancers, as well as treatments for skin cancers and skin conditions caused by UV and sun exposure. We provide treatments such as photodynamic therapy for sun damage, superficial skin cancers and precancerous lesions, reviews and removal of sutures, cryotherapy, biopsy procedures, simple excisions, complex excisions and reconstructive excision face, flaps and skin grafts.  

Dedicated to providing high quality skin cancer care

On Point Skin Cancer Clinic is a modern, professional, affordable and easily accessible practice dedicated to the diagnosis, investigation and complete management of skin cancer.