Skin cancer excision

On Point Skin Cancer Clinic is a dedicated skin cancer clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma and other skin cancer.

Our doctor-owned, professional, affordable and easily accessible practice offers a range of skin cancer services, including excision skin cancer procedures.

Excision surgery is a common method used to treat skin cancer. During this procedure, a surgeon or skin cancer doctor removes the cancerous cells (cancerous tissue), along with a margin of healthy tissue to ensure that all of the cancer cells have been removed. It is a quick and safe procedure and one that is relatively pain-free.

Two in three people in South East Queensland will have a skin cancer diagnosed by the time they reach 70 years of age

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a skin cancer check, regardless of your age, you may have skin cancers that need to be removed. If you have a family history, have had high exposure to the sun’s rays or other forms of UV, or moles or spots that have changed in size or appearance, you’re at a higher risk of skin cancer. But, while prevention is key; early detection significantly improves your chances of recovery. Skin cancer excision of any dangerous skin cancers or spots, before they become a greater health risk, can save your life.

Experienced and qualified skin cancer doctors

At On Point Skin Cancer Clinic, our team of skin cancer doctors are highly qualified and experienced in what they do. With years of experience in skin cancer medicine, diagnosis, management, treatment and surgical excision, you can trust that you’re in good hands with us.

Skin cancer surgery that's focused on your well being and comfort

In addition to our experienced and highly qualified skin cancer doctors, our entire team is professional, friendly, and here for you. All of our administrative staff and nurses do their best to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease in our clinics.

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Same-day skin cancer surgery available

Forget long waitlists to get your excision skin cancer removal done. We don’t have long waitlists, and even often have same-day appointments available.

100% Bulk Billed skin cancer excision for Concession and Health Care Card holders

We believe that skin cancer services should be accessible to everyone. So we’re pleased to offer bulk billed excision skin cancer removals and other bulk billed services for those who hold Health Care Cards, Concession Cards, and DVA cards.

Do you need any skin cancers removed? What are the warning signs?

Some skin cancers are invisible to the naked eye, or hard to detect by those without the specialist knowledge in skin cancer identification. However, there are some common signs and symptoms to look out for, which include:

What to expect during our excision skin cancer surgery

When you come in for a skin cancer excision procedure, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Skin cancer excision pricing

Our skin cancer excision pricing varies depending on how complex the procedure. If you have any questions, book in to see us and your skin cancer doctor will be happy to explain more.

Our skin cancer excision price list is as follows:

Simple Excision pricing

Proximal Limbs and Torso

Consumable fee out of pocket: $205

Complex Excision pricing

Distal Limbs below elbow and knees

Consumable fee out of pocket: $235

Reconstructive Excision Face, Flaps and Skin Grafts pricing

Consumable fee out of pocket: $265

Includes all melanoma cases

Concession card holders are Bulk Billed.

Removing skin cancers right across QLD and NSW

We have On Point Skin Cancer Clinics in four locations across Queensland and New South Wales. Book an appointment today at any one of our locations for your excision skin cancer removal appointment, or for a skin check or other treatments.

Skin cancer excision (removal) FAQ

Have questions about skin cancer removal, and the surgical excision of skin cancers? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions around skin cancer excisions.

During a procedure, there should be nothing painful, because we administer local anesthesia before we start. The local anaesthetic numbs the area around the surgical site, so that you do not feel pain. You may experience some soreness as the local anaesthetic wears off and in the days following the surgery, however this is normal. If you are concerned, talk to our team and we can recommend some ways to reduce any soreness you may experience. We do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible, before, during and after.

The recovery time depends on the type excision for the skin cancer, and how deep the skin cancer went into the skin. However, for most, the wounds take 1-3 weeks to heal. If you have stitches, the healing may take a short while longer.

During skin excision, there may be stitches needed, to help heal the wound more effectively. This can cause scars which should fade as wounds heal. There are some products you can use to help your scars to fade faster, following your wound healing fully. After your excision appointment, we will book a follow up with you to check on the progress and check that the skin cancer has not come back.

A skin cancer excision procedure typically takes 30 minutes, but we take the time to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease.

A small part of healthy tissue and healthy skin around the skin cancer cells is removed during the excision process that we use to treat skin cancer. The reason that we include some healthy tissue in the skin lesion is to ensure that there are no remaining cancer cells left at the site of the affected area, and that only healthy tissue is left. This is an important factor to ensure that the skin cancer does not come back to the affected area, and that further surgery is not required. However, you can rest assured, that most small skin cancers do not require too large of an area to be excised in order to remove all the cancer cells.

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