On Point Total Scan: Revolutionising Skin Cancer Detection

At On Point Skin Cancer Clinic, we’re excited to introduce a game-changing service that redefines how you manage your skin health. 

On Point Total Scan is a groundbreaking early skin cancer detection solution that allows you to conduct comprehensive skin checks right from the comfort of your home using your smartphone. Understanding the importance of catching skin cancers early can’t be overstated, and our new technology is here to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to stay on top of their skin health.

The On Point Total body photography app is a valuable addition to our Brisbane skin cancer clinic. It is helping our patients lower their risk of developing skin cancer and requiring further treatment.

What is On Point Total Scan?

On Point Total Scan isn’t just another health app; it’s a comprehensive body photography system that redefines our approach to skin cancer screening. This technology allows you to easily capture detailed images of your skin, including suspicious moles and skin lesions. These images are a vital future reference, helping our skin cancer doctors spot any changes or irregularities over time. 

An advanced eye on your skin

On Point Total Scan uses cutting-edge imaging technology that improves each photo’s quality, ensuring that even minor differences are noticeable and evaluated. Essential for catching and monitoring skin issues early, this technology allows for quick responses if needed. The images are securely stored, creating a historical record of your skin’s health, which lets your skin cancer doctor see changes over time and make better decisions about your treatment. 

This ongoing monitoring is critical to a modern, preventive approach to taking care of your skin.

A skin cancer check, right at home.

The process is simple: use your smartphone to take photos of skin spots in areas you’re concerned about and then send them directly to us for expert review. It’s an important tool for skin cancer detection that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

Expert Doctors Review Every Scan

At the heart of On Point Total Scan are our expert doctors reviewing each scan you submit through the app. These specialists are trained in dermatology and skin cancers, ensuring knowledgeable professionals thoroughly check your scans.

Our doctors use the latest tools to analyse your skin images, helping them spot even the most minor changes that might not be visible to the untrained eye. This careful review process means that every scan is closely examined, and any unusual signs of potential skin cancers are noted for further action.

This specialist support is a key part of our commitment to your health. It offers reassurance that your self-performed skin checks are being assessed by experienced doctors, combining technology with expert medical insight to evaluate your skin health comprehensively.

The Benefits

Early Detection

Early detection leads to early diagnosis.

On Point Total Scan allows for the early detection of skin abnormalities, significantly increasing the chances of diagnosing potential skin cancer issues at an early stage. Early diagnosis is extremely important as it often results in simpler and more effective treatment options, reducing the physical and emotional strain associated with more advanced treatments.

Quicker Identification

Allows for quicker identification of potential skin issues

The advanced technology used by On Point Total Scan allows us to quickly identify changes or anomalies in the skin that might be indicative of health issues. This rapid identification helps address potential problems before they develop into more serious conditions, enabling timely and appropriate interventions.


Perform skin checks at your own pace and comfort.

Monitor new skin spots as they appear without the immediate need to travel to the clinic, making it easier to integrate skin health monitoring into your daily routine.

Expert Analysis

Photos are reviewed by specialists, ensuring professional oversight.

Each image submitted through the On Point Total Scan system is carefully reviewed by a team of experienced skin cancer specialists. This professional oversight guarantees that the assessments are accurate and based on the latest dermatological knowledge.


Affordable pricing with significant health benefits

They are designed to be cost-effective, offering affordable access to sophisticated diagnostic technology. Users receive comprehensive skin monitoring capabilities and professional evaluations by experts for a small fee.

Your skin health in your hands

Taking charge of your skin health has never been easier than with On Point Total Scan. Using your smartphone, you can now perform skin cancer spot checks from wherever you are, whenever you want. 

Expert evaluation at your service

After you send us your images, our expert team of skin cancer doctors thoroughly reviews each photo. If we need a closer look at anything, we’ll contact you to arrange a follow-up through a telehealth consultation or in person. 

How to get started with your Total Scan

Getting started is straightforward. Sign up on our website, and you’ll be guided through setting up your account. 

Once registered, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to conduct your first skin scan using your smartphone. This initial setup is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes and basic technical knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers the most common queries from users like you, from how to properly take skin photos to what happens if a suspicious area is identified. We aim to make this new technology as transparent and understandable as possible, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

On Point Total Scan is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive skin scanning system allowing users to perform skin checks using their smartphone. This revolutionary technology leverages advanced imaging techniques to enable detailed examination of the skin for any signs of abnormalities, ensuring timely detection and treatment of skin-related issues, especially skin cancer.

To use the On Point Total Scan system, download our app onto your smartphone, follow the step-by-step instructions to take high-quality, detailed photos of your skin, and submit them through the app. Our experts will review your images and provide you with a thorough analysis and advice on any necessary next steps if required.

Yes, On Point Total Scan is entirely safe to use. It employs non-invasive photographic technology that involves no radiation or harmful effects. It’s designed to be a safe, convenient tool for regular skin cancer monitoring, providing peace of mind without compromising your health or safety.

While On Point Total Scan is highly effective in detecting many changes and anomalies in the skin that could indicate developing skin cancer, it is best used as a supplementary tool to traditional dermatological exams. We recommend using it with regular skin cancer clinic visits to ensure a comprehensive skin check program.

The service is priced at $150, which includes a full-body scan session conducted at one of our clinics by our trained nurses, and a year-long access to our app. This fee covers using our technology and our specialised team’s expert review of your skin images.

You can directly contact our team through the app if you detect something suspicious during your scan. Your skin cancer doctor will then assess your case and, if necessary, recommend an in-person consultation. We ensure prompt response and guidance to address any concerns swiftly and effectively, prioritising your skin health at every step.

Types of common skin cancers

How-To Guide: Getting Started with On Point Total Scan

  1. Sign Up: Visit our website and register for the Total Scan service.
  2. Download App: Download the Total Scan app from your app store.
  3. Take Your First Photos: Follow the in-app instructions to take your first set of skin photos.
  4. Submit and Monitor: Submit your photos for analysis and keep track of any skin changes through the app.
  5. Consultation if Needed: If any concerns are raised, you’ll be contacted to discuss further steps, possibly including an in-person visit.

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